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At M.A.D. House we believe that the problems that we face in our society, as a community, as churches, as families and as individuals, are in large part due to the fact that we have disregarded the basic standards and principles of right, wrong and personal responsibility. In essence we have ignored God, created our own standards and now are beginning to discover that we have found the enemy and it is us. So what do we do?


No one really enjoys a lecture on right, wrong and personal responsibility. Similarly, a God who is presented as a list of dos, don'ts and oppressive rules is not quickly embraced by most young people. Nevertheless, there is a clear standard of right, wrong and personal responsibility and it is found in God Himself. So if He is to be accurately presented or represented, so too will the principles of right, wrong and personal responsibility.


The primary and transcendent purpose of M.A.D. House is to bring young people into a right relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ, and to equip them with an opportunity to be successful in walking with Him.  Students who regularly attend M.A.D. House will witness in a fun and active atmosphere God’s standards of right, wrong and personal accountability and will understand, from the Word of God, who God is, who people are, what sin is, how sin separates God and people, the temporal and eternal effects of sin and God’s provision for forgiveness for sin and a right relationship with Him.


At M.A.D. House, we make the effort to plant the seed of the Gospel through a variety of methods. Each gathering is highlighted by a Bible study and applicable message; students who attend M.A.D. House will not only hear God’s message but will see it being lived out in the lives of the adult leaders.

Our Mission
M.A.D. House exists to "REACH lost teens, CONNECT them to positive relationships, INTRODUCE them to God, help them GROW in their FAITH and DISCOVER God's purpose for their life."

Our Staff

Dave Nordstrom

Tel: 231-750-3728
Tel: 231-750-4307

Carole Nordstrom

Co Director

Chuck Connell

Middle School Director

Tel: 231-750-4307

Tel: 231-736-6922

Tel: 231-894-9510

Kevin Simonelli
Darla Simonelli

Support Staff

Tel: 231-750-1366

Deb Kesckes

Support Staff

Tel: 231-855-0364

Tel: 231-733-4729

Tim Essenberg

Support Staff

Dennis Dahl
Shirley Dahl

Support Staff

Tel: 231-740-7038

Tel: 231-670-4320

Tel: 231-578-7697


Micheal Sikkenga

Support Staff

Tel: 231-766-2692



Support Staff

Jana Routt

Support Staff


Bob Dyer 

Support Staff


Dennis Lakatos 

Support Staff

Heather Ruffin

Support Staff

Jon Rees

Support Staff



Who is qualified to join M.A.D. House?

Any student between the ages of 14 and 18 years old can join M.A.D House.

Who is qualified to staff (volunteer) for M.A.D House?

All volunteers and or staff must complete an application and undergo a background check.  We request that past students of M.A.D House wait 5+ years before applying to volunteer. 

What is CORE and who Who can join?

CORE stands for Connect Overcome Renew Endure.  CORE is the center of the MadHouse program, and includes the youth that have chosen to commit on a deeper level of what MadHouse has to offer. 

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