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Youth Leadership

Through our C.O.R.E. (Connect * Overcome * Renew * Endure) program, the youth have an opportunity to become leaders during the M.A.D. House Thursdays.  They are encouraged to show a good example and to welcome everyone who walks though the doors with acceptance and respect.  These C.O.R.E youth are given the responsibility to be committed to the program and to exemplify their committment through involvement with activites and small group time.  This program has proven an impact on these youth, and the results have been life changing!  With a 100% high school graduation rate, and the numbers of youth returning years later to volunteer (give back), we know that the program has certainly MADE A DIFFERENCE! 

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Youth Engagement

The students are given an opportunity to show their talents, be silly, themselves, and simply have fun!  With skits, bands, talent shows, jokes, and fun competition, these youth can't wait to get on the stage!  Another huge perk - many friendships and lasting memories have been created along the way!

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Youth-Adult Partnership


The staff and volunteers are always there encouraging fun, but they have also committed to being mentors that inspire and give hope.  There isn't a MAD House event that goes by where engagement isn't at its best!  It is the priority of each leader to seek out the needs of the youth and meet those needs to the best of their ability, whether its emotional, educational, or even the simple need of friendship.  The MAD House Staff and volunteers have quite a fair share of laughter and tears as they give of themselves to this program.  We are forever grateful for the dedication and love that they have for our youth.  

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